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Finepac Structures Pvt. Ltd. -

Finepac ® has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant with an area of 20,000 sq.ft. Machines and tools developed with innovative ideas are employed in the manufacturing process to ensure better yield. Finepac ® also has a full-fledged fabrication and machine shop for manufacture of Column packing (structured packing, random packing), Column internal, Distillation trays(Sieve trays, bubble cap, floating valve & fixed valve) Process Columns, Heat Exchangers, Pusher Centrifuges, Static Mixers etc.

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K & S Financial Group -

Based in Montgomery, Alabama, USA, K & S Financial Group, Inc. is a company that goes beyond the oil and gas products to deliver financial solutions worldwide. We coordinate with end buyers and end sellers of petroleum products to connect refineries for financially ready buyers. Complete order procedures are used to match clients with the perfect buyer and/or seller. We welcome orders from buyers and official offers from end sellers and refineries.

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Euro Commercials Limited -

Euro Commercials Limited is a limited liability company that was registered in March 2003 by the registrar of companies in Tanzania, under the Companies Act (Cap 212) of the United Republic of Tanzania under registration number 45569. Since then Euro Commercials Ltd has become one of the market leaders in transportation and haulage industry. We have a wealth experience in meeting and satisfying our customers' needs in the market. Strategic location alone however is not what distinguishes Euro Commercials Ltd from others in the industry. Rather, it is strategic location, competitive pricing and dedicated employees who are committed to quality products and superior customer services that establish Euro Commercials Ltd as a supplier whom customers can lean on. Euro Commercials Limited is wholly owned by Tanzanians.

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Hexing Group - China

Our mission is empowering utilities to save more energy by increasing efficiency and reducing losses. Hexing walks along with utilities on their way of development to create a greener world to reserve exhaustible resources for future and save the environment. Due to formal reports published by legal bodies in 2014, Hexing was the biggest exporter of metering products in China. With hope, honor and our hard and quality work, we are looking to future to make Hexing the best brand in the metering industry in the world.

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Luminous Power Technologies - India

With over 5000 employees, 8 manufacturing units, 28 sales offices and more than 60000 channel partners; Luminous apart from its dominating position in the domestic market also has a strong foothold worldwide. Awarded with the ‘Global Superbrand’ status for the year 2011-12 & again in 2014-15, ISO 50001:2011 certification and MNRE:CRISIL recognition, Luminous is passionately committed to bring uninterruptible and alternate power solutions to the customers that makes their life comfortable and efficient.

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MEGAJOULE - Portugal

MEGAJOULE services cover a wide range of topics related to wind resource assessment, from site evaluation to wind resource assessment studies, including planning and conducting wind measurement campaigns and project due-diligence. Acting globally, MEGAJOULE provides not just wind consultancy but also advice on solar energy and biomass projects.

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