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Construction begins on largest gas power plant in Ghana

Ghana has begun the construction of what it says will be the largest gas-fired power plant in sub-Saharan Africa to take advantage of the country’s rich reserves of natural gas. The gas power plant in Ghana, developed by Cummins Cogeneration Limited and WUTA Energy, will generate 300mw of power when completed. The first 140mw phase will be connected to the Ghanian Grid next year. The mega gas power plant in Ghana will be constructed at Beyin in the Jomoro district of the Western Region of Ghana. The project is aimed at bridging the energy deficit facing the country. The agreement between the two companies is the first of two phased projects which seek to produce 300MW Wuta Energy has successfully completed a 100MW gas-based power projects in Nigeria and they are optimistic to introduce the same core technology to Ghana by 2016. The Beyin Power Plant Project aims use the country’s substantial natural gas reserves and the first plant to utilize an Organic Ranking Circle that captures waste heat from the plant and generate additional energy that will not only provide significant economic benefit but also improves the environmental impact of the power plant. Since its discovery, Ghana’s natural gas reserve has been expected to play a prominent role in the country’s energy sector. Cummins Cogeneration Limited and WUTA Energy have pledged to use local workforces to construct, operate and maintain the plant. This will promote knowledge transfer along with the local content to the locals. The project will not only improve Ghana’s social status but it will as well improve the country’s economic development that will have a positive impact on both short and long-term local employment. The project when completed will not only boost the country’s total energy required but also jump-start economic activities in the catchment areas to enhance people’s standards of living. Minister of Energy and Petroleum, Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah, applauded the 2 partner companies for the vital progress they have made in speeding up the project due to the country’s precarious energy challenges. According to minister Buah, the government is doing all it can to ensure the power challenges the country has been experiencing for years now becomes a thing of the past. He added that the government agenda is to produce over 500million standard cubic feet of gas on a daily basis to produce 3000MW of power by 2019.
Source : constructionreviewonline.com
Posted On: 11/17/2015 12:00:00 AM

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