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Huawei Introduces Fusionsolar Residential Luna 2.0, a New Smart PV Solution, To the Eastern Africa Market

Huawei, the world's foremost supplier of digital power solutions and technologies, has introduced Residential LUNA 2.0, a new Smart PV solution, to the Eastern African market. All throughout Eastern Africa, private houses and Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMME) offices are a good fit for the LUNA 2.0.

Speaking at the product introduction, Mr. Olivier Du, CEO of Huawei Digital Power Eastern Africa Region, observed that the energy sector has moved from relying on natural resources to relying on technology innovation, which has led to the solar industry's explosive expansion. Huawei has operated in East Africa for 25 years, and throughout that time it has developed a thorough grasp of the energy and technological needs of the area. We've introduced Smart PV & ESS solutions for every situation in the African home market as part of our mission to deliver clean.
Furthermore, Olivier stated that the industry's quick growth is based on quality, emphasizing that as sales and installations rise, the significance of quality will become unavoidable. Therefore, the quality of the product, the quality of the delivery, and the quality of the service should be given priority. He claims that Huawei designs its products and chooses its components carefully because it thinks that process quality is the only way to reach an end-to-end high-quality goal.
The new product LUNA 2.0 boasts improved aesthetic innovation, increased intelligence, active safety, and extreme reliability, according to Mr. Nick Lusson, Vice President, and Huawei Digital Power Sub-Saharan Africa Region, who gave a presentation on its distinctive features. "LUNA 2.0 resembles an artwork within your residence," Nick said. According to the customer's energy requirements, he clarified, the solution can be divided into three groups: a 2–10 kW inverter with a 7 kWh battery capacity, a 2–10 kW inverter with 14 kWh, and a 2–10 kW inverter with 21 kWh. Furthermore, in order to accommodate the unique needs of every client, the system can be upgraded from a single 7kWh battery pack to a 42kWh battery pack.
A one-stop shop providing dependable and steady power to residences, workplaces, and apartments is the LUNA 2.0. Furthermore, the Smart Guard changeover switch, which avoids power interruption during power outages, enables the solution's seamless on-grid and off-grid switchover. In addition, the Luna 2.0 boasts a streamlined and elegant design; unlike other manufacturers, it lacks an LCD, a fuse, and buttons. In order to further improve return on investment and minimize downtime, the solar solution also includes an advanced monitoring and management system.
Nick confirmed that the solar solution is a one-stop shop and that its inverter satisfies national standards for electromagnetic compatibility. Aside from that, the solution includes an online tool called Smart Design 2.0 that lets installers design a PV system using the 3D modeling is used to improve user experience and identify profitable commercial ventures.
The iSitePower-M is the alternative home option to the Luna2.0. The all-in-one, modular Smart String Energy Storage system iSitePower-M is suitable for a variety of settings, including homes, offices, apartments, and villas. Furthermore, iSitePower-M is a hybrid power system that combines battery, diesel generator (DG), solar, and the grid. It is commonly utilized to supply dependable and steady power backup in off-grid and unstable grid areas. With an integrated high-density design, iSitePower-M can accommodate a variety of customer energy needs with a battery configuration that ranges from 5kWh to 45kWh.
As part of its dedication to working with partners in an integrated ecosystem to achieve positive results for all parties, Huawei Digital Power also announced its residential partner policy during the event. The capabilities-driven ecosystem partner policies are based on four metrics called "PSEE." Profitability: ensuring partners' profitability; Simplicity: streamlining procedures and rules to facilitate collaboration; Enablement: steadily enhancing partners' capacities; and Ecosystem: allocating funds for ecosystem growth.
Two cherished partners, Davis & Shirtliff and Nabico Enterprises Limited, attested to Huawei's support for business partners and the company's continued ability to use Huawei equipment to offer Kenyan clients smooth solar solutions.
With over 100 experts in attendance, including Huawei industry partners and PV installers, the event was a huge success overall. Huawei continues to be dedicated to maintaining enabling a clean energy-powered, low-carbon smart society through technological innovation and sustainability.
Source : www.blacknz.com
Posted On: 2/7/2024 12:00:00 AM

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