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Ethiopia Intends to Increase Kenya's Power Supply

Ethiopia has kept in touch with Kenya showing that it will twofold stockpile of less expensive hydroelectric capacity to the nation following beginning of the El Nino downpours in the Eastern Africa, which has helped fill dams whose water levels had been diminished by dry spell.

Kenya has been bringing in 100 megawatts (MW) of force from Ethiopia which is just 50% of the 200MW that the two nations inked last year, which is credited to reduced power yield.
Kenya Power Overseeing Chief Joseph Siror on 10th November 2023 said Ethiopia has now indicated to Kenya that it will begin providing the full 200MW in what will be a significant lift to shoppers.
'The hydrology in the nation has not been awesome and this was influencing our country as well as different nations in the district too. Tanzania has been load shedding while Ethiopia has been not able to give us the 200MW that we marked,' said Mr Siror.
The Kenya Power manager likewise uncovered that Masinga Hydropower Dam has begun to top off, edging the resumption of force age from the dam nearer. The repository has not been providing capacity to the network after a gnawing dry season definitely brought down its water levels.
'Yet, a day or two ago we got a letter from Ethiopia saying that they are presently prepared to give us the 200MW. We are additionally now getting some pleasant water inflows into Masinga however starting today we have not begun producing,' he said.
Kenya in January began bringing in less expensive hydroelectric power from Ethiopia for an underlying contracted limit of 200MW, with the ability to be moved forward to 400MW in three years.
This is after the two nations, through their utilities Kenya Power and Ethiopia Electric Power (EEP), consented to a power purchase agreement  (PPA) in July last year for $0.065 (Sh10.62) per unit, which is a lot less expensive than power from independent power producers (IPPs).
Less expensive hydropower from the north will be a significant lift for buyers as it will assist with uprooting costly nuclear energy from the framework. The nation had lately progressively depended on nuclear energy to plug the age deficiency from hydro and different sources.
Source : www.abafnz.com
Posted On: 11/22/2023 12:00:00 AM

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