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Kenol Kobil

Products/services: Lubricants/ K-gas / Fuel

Contact Details

Address: - Kenya

Website: www.kenolkobil.com

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Products/services: Lubricants / LPG

Contact Details

Address: - Senegal

Website: www.vivoenergy.com

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Sizonke Trading (Pty) Ltd

Products/services: Gasket / Industrial Lubricants

Contact Details

Address: Nelspruit - South Africa

Telephone: 0027 13 137553188

Mobile: 0027 839911334

Website: www.sizonkegroup.co.za

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Afric Oil

Products/services: Unleaded petrol/ Marine Gas oil

Contact Details

Address: Sandton - South Africa

Website: www.africoil.co.za

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Process Measurement & Control

Products/services: Adsorbents / Catalysts

Contact Details

Address: - Kenya

Telephone: 27 (0) 11 692 8226

Website: www.honeywell.co.za

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Sasol Ltd.

Products/services: chemicals / Butyl Acrylate / Polymers

Contact Details

Address: Johannesburg - South Africa

Telephone: 27 11 790 1402

Website: www.sasol.com

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Products/services: Petrochemicals

Contact Details

Address: CAPE TOWN - South Africa

Website: www.petrosa.co.za

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A-Gas South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Products/services: Polyurethane / Solvents

Contact Details

Address: Cape Town - South Africa

Telephone: 0027 21 5518790

Website: www.agas.com

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Galana Oil K Ltd

Products/services: Lubricants

Contact Details

Address: - Kenya

Telephone: 254204934000 / 2593774 / 35937

Website: www.galanaoil.com

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NAFTAL Aviation Marine

Products/services: REASE AND LUBRICANTS

Contact Details

Address: - Algeria

Telephone: 213 21 50 95 83

Website: www.avm.naftal.dz

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