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LC Africa is a green construction company with a 20 Year combined construction project experience, covering the East African region. Including Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC, Mozambique, and Zambia. LC Africa provide a full turnkey solution, including design, production, and development of eco comps that run on renewable technologies, limit green gas emissions, and reduce operation costs.

Products/services: integrated remote site support services

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Address: Nairobi - Kenya

Telephone: +254 797 968 817

Website: https://lc-africa.com/

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Petro Equipment Logistics, is an oil and gas services Company operating in different African Countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Libya). Petro Equipment Logistics (PEL) Ltd has been formed to provide detailed Design and Engineering Consultancy Services to the different sectors of the economy through our high profiled technical partners.

Products/services: Gas Detectors, Noise and Sound meters, Fire Alarm Systems

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Address: Lagos - Nigeria

Telephone: +2348034022427


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ATAM is one of the leading manufacturer of Industrial & Plumbing Valves and Fittings, known for innovation and product quality. Mr Vimal Jain in 1972 established the parent company AMCO Industries, with an initiative of manufacturing automobile bushings in the brand name of 'AMCO'. In 1982 the organization has diversified from manufacturing of bushings to design, engineer and manufacturer of Industrial Valves under the brand "ATAM". In 1992 company further diversified its manufacturing to 'FEBI'

Products/services: Valves, pipe fittings and boiler mountings

Contact Details

Address: Jalandhar - India

Telephone: +91 181 5001111

Website: www.atamvalves.in

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Arman Andisheh Foulad Company has started its activity in line with the industrial development of the country. In order to promote the gas-burning industries, it has started producing all kinds of brass valves, including 11 kg pressure valves, butane valves. 11 kg, Iraqi valve, lift truck valve, Syrian valve, 2.5 kg valve, 5 kg valve and Iranian valve and valve bushings including 11 kg Persian cylinder bushing, Bhutan cylinder bushing, Iraqi cylinder bushing, etc.

Products/services: Types of Bushes

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Address: Kamarbandi - Iran

Telephone: +98 03142290147

Website: www.armanandishe.com

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Lokring - Cold Weld

LOKRING Technology is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of perfection in understanding and satisfying the industry's fluid and gas connection requirements. Using state of the art computer aided technology, LOKRING designs and produces the most advanced fluid and gas transfer connectors on the market today. Manufactured in our world class facility, LOKRING fittings are produced under quality systems certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Products/services: Weld Equivelant Mechanical Connectors

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Address: Aberdeen - United Kingdom

Telephone: +44-7741645023

Website: https://www.lokring.com/

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PT Kotaminyak Internusa

KotaMinyak is one of the largest and leading oil and gas supplier and service provider in Indonesia. KotaMinyak is specialized in supplying top-quality products and engineered solutions, carry out long-term maintenance contracts, and manufacturing flare systems. In addition to Oil and Gas, KotaMinyak also serves power industries, mining industries.

Products/services: Flare Internusa

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Address: Jakarta Utara - Indonesia

Telephone: +62 08118112934

Website: www.kotaminyak.co.id

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Zwick Armaturen GmbH

ZWICK has more than 40 year's experience in design and production of valves guarantee high standard products. ZWICK valves are produced state-of-the-art. The range of services includes metallic sealing butterfly valves of the series TRI-CON, TRI-CHECK Series Check Valves, Double Block and Bleed versions of the TRI-BLOCK series and the control fitting with the specially designed Shark tooth attachment TRI-SHARK.

Products/services: Valve Manufacturer

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Address: Ennepetal - Germany

Telephone: +49-233398565

Website: www.zwick-gmbh.de

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Sintex-Bapl Limited

SINTEX-BAPL LIMITED was Established 1931! For more than 8 decades, SINTEX-BAPL have been helping their clients, industries and societies prosper. SINTEX-BAPL have been leading the way in Plastics and are present across major Asian, European, American, and African markets, in 9 countries including France, Germany, and USA.

Products/services: FRP Fuel Tanks & GRP Panel Tanks

Contact Details

Address: Gujarat - India

Telephone: +91 - 2764-253000

Website: www.sintexplastics.com

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Puma Energy Tanzania LTD

Puma Energy is a leading global energy business which supplies, stores and distributes petroleum and related products in around 40 countries.Puma Energy has a network of storage terminals, around 3,000 retail sites, and a presence at over 100 airports. Puma Energy's purpose is energising communities to help drive growth and prosperity by sustainably serving our customers' needs in high potential countries around the world.

Products/services: Fuels & Lubricants

Contact Details

Address: Dar es salaam - Tanzania

Telephone: +255-222111269

Website: https://www.pumaenergy.com

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KEMA (E.A.) Limited

KEMA (E.A.) Limited is a leader in the personal and protective equipment industry within the East African region. KEMA (E.A.) Limited provide tailor made uniforms and apparels, as well as promotional and branded products to ensure satisfaction of our customers' work wear requirements. Over the years, we have expanded from our headquarters in Nairobi - Kenya, and set up operations that span across the entire region.

Products/services: Safety gears, PPE's, Uniforms and apparels

Contact Details

Address: Dar es salaam - Tanzania

Telephone: +255 282 560 159

Website: https://kema.co.ke

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