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Firex provides various ?re safety and ?re?ghting equipment and systems that include custom-made vehicle such as ?re trucks, ambulances, mobile hospitals, mobile clinics, airport fire fighting trucks, ladder trucks, rapid intervention vehicles, special vehicles, mobile maintenance vehicles as well as ?re alarms, ?re?ghting skids, ?re pumps, voice evacuation systems, emergency light systems, ?re rated cables, ?re doors, foam systems, smoke and ventilation systems.

Products/services: Fire Fighting

Contact Details

Address: Dubai/Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

Telephone: +971529112442

Mobile: +971529112442

Website: www.firexuae.com

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meg za impex pty ltd

MEG ZA IMPEX PTY LTD Food Stuff Trading, has been established as an International Business Agro-Commodities house. Importing, distributing and exporting state-of-art Birds and Animal feeds, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Oil Seeds, Pulses and Grains, Rice, Sugar, Sea Foods and Nuts. Marketing house to launch or deal in Finished Products like Spices, Pastes, Beverages etc in Middle East, GCC Countries, Europe and African Continent. With the experience as Market players and with the motive to be

Products/services: Food & Beverages

Contact Details

Address: Nelspruit - South Africa

Telephone: +27 64 040 5306

Mobile: megzaimpexptyltd@gmail.com

Website: https://www.megzaimpexptyltd.co.za

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Our company manufactures and exports uninterruptible insulation detergent. This product is an insulated liquid that cleans the dust inside the electrical, electronic, and telecommunications equipment. Since this insulated liquid has characteristics that do not conduct electricity, you do not cut without power off. It is possible to clean the dust of the energizer in use in an on-power state.

Products/services: Non-conductive Insulating detergent

Contact Details

Address: Seoul - South Korea

Telephone: +82-10-8881-3341

Mobile: dmkim@nauclean.com

Website: www.nauclean.com

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Oil Dissolver GmbH

Biological Products for Oil spill. biological fertilizer for plants, water repairing products, engineering, waste management, machinery construction over 30 Years.

Products/services: Environment Oil Repairing

Contact Details

Address: Breddorf - Germany

Telephone: ´+49 04285 5551954

Mobile: +49 151 2077 430

Website: http://www.oildissolver.com

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CP Solar Resources Ltd was established in 2018 as a joint venture between a leading East African manufacturing company and a reputable solar power provider. They distribute and install solar power systems for commercial and domestic users in Kenya, helping them realize substantial savings on their power bills.

Products/services: Solar Batteries, OPzV batteries, Tubular Gel batteries, LMLA solar cells

Contact Details

Address: Kenya - Kenya

Telephone: 254-0720592794

Website: www.cpsolar.co.ke

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Xigma oil was established in 2010 to maintain and improve the quality of products and their compliance with international standards. Xigma oil help to reduce the amount of burned oil in the environment with high quality and multigrade (four season).

Products/services: production and sale of oil and lubricants and industrial oils

Contact Details

Address: N.A - Iran

Telephone: 021-66857908

Mobile: N.A

Website: www.xigmaoil.com

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North Safety EA Ltd

North Safety Products Africa (NSPA) is one of South Africa's leading designers, manufactures and marketers of personal protection and safety equipment products in the workplace. Opened in 1956 in Pinetown, KwaZulu Natal, we have grown from strength to strength and are now regarded as industry leaders. We design, develop and manufacture a comprehensive range of safety equipment for head to toe protection. We also provide technical and customer support whereby skilled professionals help your bu

Products/services: Personal Protective Equipment Supplier

Contact Details

Address: Nairobi - Kenya

Telephone: +254203912000

Mobile: +254 711 045 000

Website: www.northsafety.co.za

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we are a company that supplies KEBS CERTIFIED P.P.E in the whole of Kenya .We have a fully pledged factory where we stitch our dust-coats,overalls


Contact Details

Address: NAIROBI - Kenya

Telephone: +254735122434

Mobile: mbuvikioko@safetysmart.co.ke

Website: www.safetysmart.co.ke

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EnviSolutions, Lda.

EnviSolutions, is an independent engineering company that operates in the fields of environment and compliance of facilities, products and services. We aim to satisfy the needs of our clients from the planning and development of environmental strategies to the monitoring of contaminants, from the project/design of a product to its compliance (and further certification) with international standards and regulation RiskOFF software solutions www.risk-off.com

Products/services: Environmental Studies & Consultancy, EHS Compliance, Products Compliance, Management and Production Systems, RiskOFF

Contact Details

Address: Porto - Portugal

Telephone: +351 220 996 067

Website: www.envisolutions.eu

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Amahle Services

Products/services: health and safety services

Contact Details

Address: Johannesburg - South Africa

Website: amahlems.co.za

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