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IAC Industrial Automation and Control

With more than 10 years of operation, many more years of experience per each member of our highly specialised team, and our carefully chosen portfolio of innovative, reliable and cutting edge technology products, we can assist you in all phases of your project, from conception, to execution.

Products/services: Device networking products

Contact Details

Address: Centurion - South Africa

Telephone: +27 (0)12 657 3600

Website: www.iaconline.co.za

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GM Electricals

GM Electricals is a Turkish Trading and Contracting company mainly specialised on electrical projects of industrial and infrastructuralfacilities such as plants, turnles mine etc.

Products/services: Electrical Supplies, Transformers

Contact Details

Address: Ankara - Turkey

Telephone: + 90-312-427-8214

Website: www.gmelectricals.com/

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ComAp leads the way in providing smart power control solutions that are highly flexible, intuitive, and scalable. ComAp has a wide range of products which are suitable for many different applications. The products are as followed - Power generation, Hybrid Microgrid, Engine control, Power management, Bi-fuel etc.

Products/services: Power generation, Hybrid Microgrid, Engine control, Power management, Bi-fuel

Contact Details

Address: Prague - Czech Republic

Telephone: +420- 246 012 111

Mobile: +420 775 609 427

Website: https://www.comap-control.com

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Energy & Telecoms (T) Limited

Energy & Telecoms (T) Limited is a Local Company registered in 1994 and officially launched on 17th March, 1994. It is a Manufacturer's Representatives of various overseas manufacturers and an engineering services company dealing with introducing, marketing, sale and services of equipment and their spare parts for various Industries and Institutions in Tanzania. The main field in which it offers its services are Energy, Telecommunications, Broadcasting (Radio & Television).

Products/services: Distribution Line hardware and Switchgear

Contact Details

Address: Dar es salaam - Tanzania

Telephone: +255 0754366744

Website: www.energyandtelecoms.com

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Onka Elektrik

Onka Elektrik Malzemeleri Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Åzirketi", have accepted quality, economy and service as the basic principle in production, and we have reached their current product range by adding new products to their portfolio every day.With the company management philosophy, they continue to provide perfect service to the domestic and foreign market in accordance with the market conditions, without compromising the quality and seriousness in the production and marketing identity.

Products/services: Power Cables

Contact Details

Address: Gebze/Kocaeli - Turkey

Telephone: +90 212 444 0 921

Website: http://www.onka.com.tr

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EcoPhi Renewables Engineering

EcoPhi is a young, multicultural company that specializes in remote monitoring solutions for remote regions in developing countries. EcoPhi has years of experience in the renewable energy sector and offers not only individual products but complete all-in-one solutions. Sophisticated and easy-to-install hardware, the online platform with connection to external data and other services enable you to run your projects efficiently.

Products/services: Remote Monitoring Systems

Contact Details

Address: 76131 Karlsruhe - Germany

Telephone: +49-1521 4516598

Website: http://www.ecophi-engineering.com

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NAFFCO was founded in Dubai, UAE to become the world's leading producer and supplier of life safety solutions. By recognizing the importance and convenience of having easy access to multiple safety services, we became specialized by offering complete solutions under one roof for all types of high quality firefighting equipment, fire protection systems, fire alarms, addressable emergency systems, security systems, custom-made vehicle such as fire trucks, ambulances, mobile hospitals and airport r

Products/services: Transmission, Distribution & Live Line Maintenance Vehicles

Contact Details

Address: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Telephone: +971-4 815 1111

Mobile: +971 48151601

Website: www.naffco.com

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Redavia Solar

REDAVIA SOLAR is an industry leader in solar power. We provide solar farms to businesses in West and East Africa. With a proven track record in cost-effective, reliable and clean energy, REDAVIA is committed to using solar energy as a key driver for sustainable development.

Products/services: Solar Energy Solutions

Contact Details

Address: Nairobi - Kenya

Telephone: +254721268430

Mobile: +254721268430

Website: www.redaviasolar.com

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Permali Wallace Pvt. Ltd

Products/services: Transformer, Switch Gear, Generator, Motor, Control Panel, etc.

Contact Details

Address: Bhopal - India

Telephone: +91-755-4203333

Mobile: +91-9826050516

Website: www.permaliwallace.com

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Sigma Engineering

SIGMA ELCTRONIC INDUSTRIES was founded in 2004. Now it is a leader Egyptian manufacturer working in the field of Design, manufacturing, distribution of the AC voltage stabilizers, Battery Chargers, and others.

Products/services: Stabilizers, Battery Chargers & Digital Panel Meters

Contact Details

Address: Obour city - Egypt

Telephone: +20-44891646 / 44891673 / 4489

Mobile: +201068840976

Website: www.sigma-electronics.com

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