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Hexing Group

Our mission is empowering utilities to save more energy by increasing efficiency and reducing losses. Hexing walks along with utilities on their way of development to create a greener world to reserve exhaustible resources for future and save the environment. Due to formal reports published by legal bodies in 2014, Hexing was the biggest exporter of metering products in China. With hope, honor and our hard and quality work, we are looking to future to make Hexing the best brand in the metering industry in the world.

Products/services: ANSI Meters (Round), Conventional Meters (Postpaid), Conventional Prepayment Meters, Distribution and SCADA, Metering Peripherals, Revolutionary E-Met

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Address: Hangzhou - China

Website: www.hxgroup.cn

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Xenom Energy

Xenom Energy is a transformative start-up building a cutting-edge B2B marketplace for easy access to petroleum products in Africa. By connecting independent fuel station owners to Oil Marketers through our tech-enabled and operations driven marketplace. Fixing inefficient supply chains for the independent station owners and providing a sales platform where Oil marketers can easily sell out their petroleum products.

Products/services: Petroleum Products

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Address: Nairobi - Kenya

Telephone: 0727763454

Mobile: +254727763454

Website: http://xenomenergy.com/

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The DIRIS Digiware system is a hub of technological innovations that revolutionises the world of measurements, bringing a high degree of flexibility to installations and making connection and configuration easy. These innovations, together with unrivaled performance in terms of accuracy and functionality, make DIRIS Digiware the most effective solution for metering consumption, measuring and monitoring the quality of electrical energy in industrial and commercial applications.


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Address: France - France

Telephone: 39-0444598736

Mobile: 393471565140

Website: www.socomec.com

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AIUT is a private company based entirely on the Polish capital. Our team consists of visionary people full of passion and energy. With many years of experience in automation and robotics and by gaining new skills we are a dynamically developing organization. For over 20 years we have created many solutions for the demanding customers in Poland and abroad.

Products/services: smart metering, tank monitoring (for LP GAS & FUELS), pressure monitoring

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Address: poland - Poland

Telephone: 48-327754000

Mobile: 45 26 870 878

Website: www.AIUT.COM

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JOVE Transmission (Transmission Line Design Software) and JOVE Distribution (Distribution Line Design Software) are specialised in overhead transmission and distribution mechanical lines design. It allows the user, starting from data on line's topography and on available material for building it, to choose the best possible places for all supports and to choose the necessary material, checking for the respect of all conditions on clearances and on stress for conductors, insulator strings and tow

Products/services: Software JOVE for mechanical design of overhead lines

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Address: N.A - France

Telephone: 33-611152070

Mobile: N.A

Website: www.softlinelec.com

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HNAC Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code:300490) has been dedicated to provide EPC service and overall automatic solutions to hydropower stations, substations, pump station and water treatment projects since its establishment in 1993. So far, HNAC has provided efficient and qualified products and service to 33 foreign countries and 6000 projects in the world with the hard work of employees.

Products/services: monitoring system, protection system, excitation system, governor, HV/LV switchgear, AC/DC system, water treatment, solar new energy equipment , EPC project

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Address: N.A - China

Telephone: 0731-8823888

Mobile: N.A

Website: www.cshnac.com

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Dynamysk is a Canadian enterprise specializing in delivering fully integrated life-cycle solutions in the industrial instrumentation, controls and electrical (ICE) disciplines. This includes all phases of a project from Engineering through Fabrication, Construction, Commissioning and Maintenance. Our foundation is a history of Determination, Dedication and Drive with respect to adding value to our client's business within Canada and abroad. Dynamysk's business execution model, domain and tradema

Products/services: Engineering ,Integration , Control System , RFO ,Ready For Operation

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Address: N.A - Canada

Telephone: 1-403-513-4100

Mobile: N.A

Website: www.dynamysk.comEngin

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Our company strongly unites tradition and progress. Named after Jean Müller who founded the company in 1897, Jean Müller GmbH Elektronische Fabrik has had its head offi ce and main production sites in Eltville am Rhein ever since. Starting with fuses the product portfolio today comprises low voltage switchgear, switchgear combinations, power distribution components, electronic monitoring and energy management systems. Throughout the world JEAN MÜLLER products have earned a reputation for s

Products/services: Lowv voltage distribution equippments

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Address: Eltville - Germany

Telephone: +496123604767

Mobile: +491604707875

Website: www.jeanmueller.de

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Basement Electricals Ltd

Products/services: Fuel Management systems/Carbon Emission Prediction

Contact Details

Address: Pretoria - Kenya

Telephone: 2.54204E+11

Mobile: 2.5472E+11

Website: basementelectrics.kbo.co.ke

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Egyptian Engineering Systems (EES)

Products/services: Measurment & Control Instrument

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Address: Cairo - Egypt

Website: www.ees9.com

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