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Our company strongly unites tradition and progress. Named after Jean Müller who founded the company in 1897, Jean Müller GmbH Elektronische Fabrik has had its head offi ce and main production sites in Eltville am Rhein ever since. Starting with fuses the product portfolio today comprises low voltage switchgear, switchgear combinations, power distribution components, electronic monitoring and energy management systems. Throughout the world JEAN MÜLLER products have earned a reputation for s

Products/services: Lowv voltage distribution equippments

Contact Details

Address: Eltville - Germany

Telephone: +496123604767

Mobile: +491604707875

Website: www.jeanmueller.de

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Basement Electricals Ltd

Products/services: Fuel Management systems/Carbon Emission Prediction

Contact Details

Address: Pretoria - Kenya

Telephone: 2.54204E+11

Mobile: 2.5472E+11

Website: basementelectrics.kbo.co.ke

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Egyptian Engineering Systems (EES)

Products/services: Measurment & Control Instrument

Contact Details

Address: Cairo - Egypt

Website: www.ees9.com

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Eco Energee

Products/services: Leak detection / Overheat protection

Contact Details

Address: Cape Town - South Africa

Website: www.ecoenergee.co.za

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Inspired Interfaces

Products/services: softwares

Contact Details

Address: KwaZulu-Natal - South Africa

Telephone: 27 (0) 31 765 6650

Website: reticmaster.com

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Specialist System Engineering

Products/services: Energy Management Software

Contact Details

Address: Centurion - South Africa

Telephone: 0027 12 126634331

Website: www.sse.co.za

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Amotech (E.A) Limited

Products/services: Measuring Test instruments

Contact Details

Address: Nairobi - Kenya

Telephone: 254 721 200291

Website: www.amotech.biz

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Power and Network Back-Up Co Ltd

Products/services: Power supply and network

Contact Details

Address: Dar es Salaam - Tanzania

Telephone: 255 787010755

Website: powerandnetwork.co.tz

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Products/services: Energy Auditing services

Contact Details

Address: Nairobi - Kenya

Mobile: 254 0722 237155

Website: www.eenovators.com

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Izembe Technologies (Pty) Ltd

Products/services: GPRS bearer with GSM fallback

Contact Details

Address: Centurion - South Africa

Telephone: 27 12 667 1530

Mobile: 27 72 597 9111

Website: www.izembe.com

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