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EMI has been doing its bit for the last four decades by supplying quality hardwares and accessories to utilities and contractors, in India & abroad. Today, as we are facing the new millennium, the pace of change is faster then it was earlier. The world is becoming increasingly unified and the markets borderless. At EMI our endeavor is to be at the forefront of globalisation by adapting itself to changing needs

Products/services: Hadware and accessories for Extra High Voltage

Contact Details

Address: Mumbai - India

Telephone: +91 22 24188810

Website: www.emi.co.in

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translation service KJV ALLOY CONDUCTORS P. LTD.

KJV is a professionally managed group in distribution & transmission sector involved in executing contracts for national & international power sector utilities & contractors. Since inception company has adopted professional management with ISO certification a team of highly qualified and experienced executives and a team of renowned consultants.

Products/services: Aluminium Wire Rod,Aluminium wire products

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Address: Nagpur - India

Telephone: +91-7165-226841

Website: http://www.kjvalloys.com/

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Atlanta Electricals Pvt. Ltd was established in 1983, with over 39 years of experience, they are leading transformer manufacturer in India. Their designed and manufactured transformers have been quietly empowering both direct and indirect customers with reliable power solutions.

Products/services: Transformer

Contact Details

Address: Gujarat - India

Telephone: +91 2692 235023 / 237185

Website: https://aetrafo.com/

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Lithium Power stands out as a strongest player in the global battery industry, they are recognized for excellence in India and over 30 countries. Their products include lead acid solar batteries for reliable solar power storage, inverter and auto batteries for diverse applications,

Products/services: Solar Batteries

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Address: Delhi - India

Telephone: +91 9582807341

Website: https://www.lethiumpower.com/

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ELCON MEGARAD S.P.A.is an Italian company that designs and manufactures power electronics devices, including inverters, converters, and power supplies, for a range of industries. Their products are utilized in renewable energy, industrial automation, and transportation sectors to improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. With a focus on innovation and reliability, Elcon Megarad delivers cutting-edge solutions for the production of electric power.

Products/services: converters,inverters,power electronics device

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Address: Arcella - Italy

Telephone: +39 0825 6077

Website: https://www.elconmegarad.com/

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"Rui Du Mechanical and electrical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., was established in 2012, manufacturing of electrical testing equipment and providing the whole solutions for electricity, water, wind power, solar energy and scientific research laboratory industry. The main scope covers the testing equipment including substation transformer, high voltage switch, mutual inductor, lightning arrester, storage battery, cable fault, relay protection, insulation withstand voltage, insulation grounding and oil

Products/services: testing equipment including substation transformer, high voltage switch, mutual inductor, lightning arrester, storage battery, cable fault, relay protection, insulation withstand voltage, insulation grounding and oiling equipment, SF6 related equipment, power generator, water cooling equipment instr

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Address: Shanghai - China

Telephone: +8613764244609 / 8613816495598

Website: https://www.wrindu.com/

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2M Electric Egypt Company is an Egyptian joint stock company that works in the supply of electrical supplies, general contracting and renewable energy works since its establishment in February 2016 in addition to the manufacture of low and medium voltage panels and fuses different capacities.

Products/services: Transmission and distruibition

Contact Details

Address: Ismailia - Egypt

Telephone: +2064 3491243/45

Website: www.2melectricgroup.com

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ACTOM is a well-positioned South African company that provides energy solutions through its businesses and partners. ACTOM offer market-leading technology and advanced products to address the issues facing the electro-mechanical industry, from large-scale infrastructure installations to smaller projects and support services. ACTOM offers a winning and balanced combination of manufacturing, service, repairs, maintenance, projects and distribution of electro-mechanical equipment through its 33 out

Products/services: Transmission & Distribution Equipment

Contact Details

Address: Knights - South Africa

Telephone: +27-11-8205349

Website: www.actom.co.za

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Amara Raja Group is a leading Indian conglomerate with a diverse portfolio of products and services, including automotive batteries, industrial batteries, electronics, and precision components. Their latest product launch is the "Pro Bike Rider" battery range, designed specifically for high-performance motorcycles.

Products/services: Automotive Batteries, Industrial Batteries, Electronics, and Precision Components.

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Address: Hydrabad - India

Telephone: +91 40 2313 9000

Website: https://www.amararaja.com/

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VC Green Energy Private Limited is a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions. Their products include solar panels, inverters, and batteries, which are designed to provide reliable and affordable renewable energy. With a commitment to environmental sustainability and customer satisfaction, VC Green Energy is dedicated to bringing the benefits of renewable energy to homes, businesses, and communities across India.

Products/services: solar panels, inverters, and batteries

Contact Details

Address: Tamil Nadu - India

Telephone: +91 9842213636

Website: https://vcgreen.in/

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