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OGPE AFRICA June/July Issue

OGEPE Africa June/July Issue Inaugural by Chief Guest at OIL & GAS/POWER & ENERGY AFRICA 2016.


Alternative Energy Africa

Alternative Energy Africa - Africa

Alternative Energy Africa, launched in January 2008, is a Petroleum Africa publication which seeks to fill the energy information gap in Africa. Drawing on its parent company's extensive knowledge..

Titan Containers

Titan Containers - Denmark

The company started in 1987 and is today one of the largest privately owned companies supplying containers for a multitude of applications. TITAN’s initial target was to pass on the advantages of high..

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Kenya- Steady Electricity to Be Supplied By Solar Plant

Kenya- Steady Electricity to Be Supplied By Solar Plant

The project, which is the biggest in Central and East Africa, lies on an 80 acre piece of land and will consist of 300,000 solar panels and is expected to light more than 200,000 households. The...

Posted On 17/2/2018
Natural Gas Plant Project in Kenya Revived

Natural Gas Plant Project in Kenya Revived

Energy secretary Charles Keter has initiated fresh talks with the Treasury in preparing a financing structure for the 700-megawatt (MW) power plant that the government seeks to implement together...

Posted On 20/1/2018

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