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IAC Industrial Automation and Control

With more than 10 years of operation, many more years of experience per each member of our highly specialised team, and our carefully chosen portfolio of innovative, reliable and cutting edge technology products, we can assist you in all phases of your project, from conception, to execution.

Products/services: Device networking products

Contact Details

Address: Centurion - South Africa

Telephone: +27 (0)12 657 3600

Website: www.iaconline.co.za

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GM Electricals

GM Electricals is a Turkish Trading and Contracting company mainly specialised on electrical projects of industrial and infrastructuralfacilities such as plants, turnles mine etc.

Products/services: Electrical Supplies, Transformers

Contact Details

Address: Ankara - Turkey

Telephone: + 90-312-427-8214

Website: www.gmelectricals.com/

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Precision Wires India Limited

Precision Wires India Ltd. is the largest Manufacturer of Enamelled Copper Wires/ Magnet Wires in South Asia with a manufacturing capacity of 44000 MTS per annum. Have the Capability and Mindset to supply to the World.

Products/services: Enamell Copper Wires Magnet Wires

Contact Details

Address: Mumbai - India

Telephone: +91-2224376281

Mobile: +91-9324789097

Website: http://precisionwires.com/

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Suzhou Furukawa Power Optic Cable Co Ltd

SFPOC is one of the major manufacturers of Optical Ground Wire (OPGW).it is an integrated company offering OPGW products, hardware, accessories and services. SFPOC has earned registration under the ISO quality standards through its demonstrated abilities in design, manufacturing and organizational structure.

Products/services: Optical Fiber Ground Wire, OPGW Cable

Contact Details

Address: Jiangsu Province - China

Telephone: +91-9899732519

Mobile: +91-9899732519

Website: http://www.sfpoc.com

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Chloride Exide, has three locally owned limited liability companies in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Chloride Exide's core business is distribution of automotive batteries, solar systems installation, backup systems installation and solar water heating systems installations.

Products/services: solar products

Contact Details

Address: Tanzania - Tanzania

Telephone: +255679689054/+255-679689054

Website: www.chlorideexide.com

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Power & Solution / Power Diagnosis & Service

Since establishment in July 2002, Power solution has been supplying products with the best solutions in the fields of electricity, electronics and power. The products are delivered in recognition of their technology and safety from domestic government offices and global companies.

Products/services: Electric Test Equipment

Contact Details

Address: Seoul - South Korea

Telephone: +82-2-573-5670

Website: www.pands.co.kr

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Manutech Europe Ltd

Manutech Europe is a trusted retailer & Wholesaler of Current Sensors & Current Measuring products. They have been in business for over 30 years and specialise in supplying big and small quantities of accurate and affordable Current Sensing products. Their range offers Split-Core Sensors, Solid-Core Sensors, Rope CT's (Rogowski Coils), and Three Phase Sensors, Current Transducers, Voltage Transducers and More.

Products/services: Current Transformers, Current Sensors, Current Transducers

Contact Details

Address: Wrexham - United Kingdom

Telephone: +44(0)1691 770490

Mobile: +44(0)7581 209029

Website: www.manutecheurope.com

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Hytera Communications Corporation Limited

Hytera Communications Corporation Limited is a China-based company, principally engaged in the research and development, manufacture and distribution of professional wireless communication equipment, as well as the provision of integrated solutions. The Company's products include interphone terminals and cluster systems, among others. The Company provides monitor and digital terminals and systems.

Products/services: Communication Equipments and Radios

Contact Details

Address: Shenzhen - China

Telephone: 255 -769246098

Website: www.hytera.com

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Mapna Group

MAPNA GROUP has arevolutionary breakthrough in water pumping technology. The most affordable, practical and smart solar powered irrigation solution on the market.

Products/services: Equipment For Thermal Power Plants

Contact Details

Address: Tehran - Iran

Telephone: +98 21 23151001-2

Website: www.mapnagroup.com

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Jasco Electric Co., Ltd

JASCO Electric Co. Ltd. is specializing to produce LV and HV fuse which is the professional manufacturer of fuse in China.

Products/services: LV Fuse, Switch Disconnector

Contact Details

Address: Wenzhou - China

Telephone: +86-577-62719992

Website: www.jasco.cn

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