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Cape Verde has set itself a very interesting renewable energy target. It has promised to achieve 100 percent of its electricity from renewable resources by 2025 as part of its “sustainable energy for all” agenda.

10 islands make Cape Verde, nine of which are inhabited, that lie about 600km west of Senegal. Almost all of the island's residents have access to electricity, but about one-third still rely on charcoal and firewood for cooking. 
Cape Verde has begun to diversify its energy portfolio. Renewable sources provide a quarter of its energy. This will help them cater to their consumption needs which will almost double its annual electricity consumption to 670 GWh, up from 360 GWh in 5 years.
With new business practices and cutting-edge technologies, Cape Verde can achieve its 100 percent renewable energy goal in a way that is equitable and cost-effective. One research team suggested that a system based on solar, wind and energy storage could meet Cape Verde’s goals. 
Some countries generate almost all of their electricity from renewable sources, but these have substantial hydroelectric resources. Cape Verde would be unique in achieving 100 percent renewable energy with a diverse resource mix even though it lacks large hydropower resources.
Like its mainland African neighbors, Cape Verde like its mainland African neighbors has a variety of technologies and resources to pick from. It has the solar potential of the Sahel, wind resources like Morocco, geothermal resources like Kenya, and marine energy comparable to many coastal countries.
Cape Verde’s northeasterly trade winds are considered excellent for wind power production. A wind farm typically requires wind speeds of at least 6.4 m/s at 50m above ground. Cape Verde exceeds 9.0 m/s at the wind farm. Already three of the islands, including the two most populated, produce about 25 percent of their electricity from wind turbines. But without energy storage, there is little opportunity to expand wind energy on these islands.
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Posted On: 11/18/2017 12:00:00 AM

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