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Rwanda To Build $16M Tantalum Refinery Plant

 In the next 12 months, Rwanda will begin exporting globally refined tantalum products, following a deal to build a $16 million manufacturing plant in the country.

Rwanda is the world’s biggest exporter of tantalum producing more than 50% of the needed quantity onto the global market.
A Malta-based International, PLG Plc, vertically integrated, metallic materials science company with operations in Europe, signed a deal with Rwanda to build the plant in the country.
The deal was signed between the company, Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board.
Ray Power – Chief Executive Officer of the PLG Plc said “The plant guarantees the highest standards of conflict-free traceability and environmental management,”
In the beginning, the plant will have a production capacity of 10 metric tons in a month, which will increase to 60 metric tons a month after, according to Francis Gatare, CEO of Rwanda Mines, Petroleum, and Gas board.
The plant will use new, disruptive processing technology which is environmentally friendly, low cost and energy efficient, to produce metallurgical grade Tantalum powder and Niobium oxide.
“We have been getting only 30% of the tantalum during exploration due to poor technology. The remaining 70% is wasted through the process. With this new plant, we will save the remaining 70% that is wasted through the process,” said Gatare.
“The Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas board is happy to have achieved this goal after spending several months in talks with PRG’s team,” he added.
In the next 12 months, Rwanda could be the main supplier.
 “After a lot of international consultation and consideration, Rwanda is satisfied that this is a wise commercial pursuit and an important step in signaling to the metals industry that the country’s mining sector is entering an exciting new phase capable of supporting wholesale investment,” said Ray Power.
Rwanda’s target is to earn $500 million from mineral exports next year up from $203.2 million in 2014 and create over 600,000 jobs.
Meanwhile, the new tantalum plant will be located in the newly established industrial park in Bugesera-Eastern Province while its mining sites will be based in Gatumba – Ngororero district, Western Province.
Source : business africa
Posted On: 11/8/2017 12:00:00 AM

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