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New Thermal Power Plant Ensures Steady Flow of Power

 The launch of a new thermal power plant has ensured the regular supply of electricity to the delight of many consumers. The plant supplies 30 MW of power enough to ensure steady supply of power throughout.

 “We get electricity for most of the day. Power cuts have also reduced”, says Benjamin Ndikumana, the owner of welding and carpentry workshops living in Kibenga neighbourhood, southern Bujumbura.
He added, “Before we used to get electricity for just an hour per day but now it lasts until midnight”.
The use of the new thermal power plant goes with the rise in the price of electricity. Between 150 and 160 thousand litres of oil per day is used by its generators and it will cost six billion Burundian francs per month.
Jéroboam Nzikobanyanka, Director General of REGIDESO has stated that the price of electricity is set to rise. . He further elaborated saying“The cost of 50 kWh will rise from BIF 3400 to BIF 4100 for houses with low voltage.Similarly, 150 Kwh that cost BIF 17200 will now cost BIF 33100. The cost of 100Kwh will increase from BIF 11295 to BIF 23622 for commercial institutions with low voltage while 250 kWh will increase from BIF 37645 to BIF 78838” 
However, electricity prices are yet to experience any change. 
Source : business africa
Posted On: 10/5/2017 12:00:00 AM

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