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14 Countries To Benefit From Kenyan Off-Grid Project

The Kenyan off-grid solar project is aimimg to power as many as 14 African nations through mini-grod systems. The project is set to cost approximately US$150 million, along with an additional US$5 million from donors from the Carbon initiative for Development (Ci-Dev) donors.
There are 20 mini-grid systems developed by the government, which are owned by REA and managed by KPLC. These grids include not only mini-grids but also include solar home systems, cooking solutions, standalone solar systems, solar pumping for communities along with implementation support and capacity building.
Joseph Njoroge, the Energy Principal Secretary Engineer estimates the project to power 690,000 homes by the year 2020.
 “The beneficiaries are located in 14 counties considered marginalized by the Commission of Revenue Allocation and consists primarily of relatively cash-poor, remote and pastoralist communities. Accordingly, provision of infrastructure facilities, energy and water will have profound socio-economic impact on these communities,” Njoroge said.
In excess of 6.2 million of Kenyans are currently receiving power from this project.
“This project is part of a comprehensive sector engagement in Kenya spanning all areas of sector value chain. At the moment, our portfolio is about US$2 billion and about US$400 million in guarantees,” World Bank’s Practice Manager, Global Energy and Extractives Practice Africa Region Sudeshna Banerjee said.
Kenya have an ambitious goal of reaching 95 per cent of the population with their off-grid solutions and join a number of other African nations like Algeria, Mauritius and Seychelles to achieve the aim.
Source : business africa
Posted On: 9/27/2017 12:00:00 AM

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