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Micro Power Economy Kicks Off in Tanzania

JUMEME Rural Power Supply (JUMEME), the European Union representative in Tanzania, and its project partners have celebrated the launch of the newly constructed solar-powered mini-grid on Lake Victoria, Mulumo Island in the region of Kagera.

The facility in Mulumo is one of eleven mini-grids to be commissioned on 10 different islands on Lake Victoria , constituting the first roll-out phase of the 'Micro Power Economy, Tanzania Roll-out' project co-funded by the European Union.
Over the last 12 months, JUMEME has constructed more than 180km of low and medium voltage distribution grids, electrifying 20 villages with a total population of more than 80,000 people and enabling 24/7 electricity services based on solar-hybrid power systems to residential houses, schools, hospitals, businesses and local entrepreneurs. 
The Ukerewe District Commissioner, Cornel Magembe, honoured the occasion with his presence, along with a delegates of the European Union Delegation in Tanzania and officials from the Ministry of Energy, Rural Energy Agency, Energy and Water Utilities Authority and the local government authorities.
Magembe said: "The government of Tanzania is at the prominence of supporting rural electrification” via partners such as JUMEME.
observing JUMEME’s work in his District of Ukerewe, he confirmed that: “The citizens have experienced electricity and this has brought about a lot of positive change in their lives; the local health center has grown into a better facility with greater capacity; there is clean water available; and a lot of business opportunities have been created, in line with the government’s initiative of industrialising Tanzania."
Through his representative, Francis Songela, the EU Head of Development Cooperation, José Correia Nunes, said: "Access to energy is a critical element to empower people, especially women and youth. Ensuring economical, reliable clean and modern energy is a key area of European Union involvement with the Tanzanian government and the private sector.
JUMEME drives at building and operating solar-hybrid mini-grids in remote areas of Tanzania with a total budget of 16 million Euros (TZS 41.1 billion).
The project is co-funded by the European Union Energy Facility for a total amount of 7.4 Million Euros (TZS 19 billion). The Rural Energy Agency (REA), through its result-based financing scheme, has also provided accessed funding to the project, whereas the shareholders of JUMEME have contributed with equity.
Source : www.afbiznz.com
Posted On: 7/31/2019 12:00:00 AM

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