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Clean Energy Expedites On Sustainable Development in East Africa

The UN-backed clean energy initiative focuses to change the outlook for Mozambique’s Namacurra district and kickstart sustainable development for the benefit of people, movw to the area following the rains in 2015

The United Nations human settlements programme, UN-Habitat, and Portuguese energy company EDP are constructing a solar energy system to supply 12 classrooms – which have been constructed to withstand 180-km per hour winds – with clean, renewable energy.

This will have a large impact on the community because, as well as enabling around 1,300 students to study at night, people living in the area will, for a small fee, be able to charge their mobile phones, and use the internet.

Although the impetus for the project comes from EDPs philanthropic arm, the company detects it as a sensible investment in Africa, in line with the UN’s call for companies to play their part in the move to a green economy.

“The African continent is absolutely the continent with more natural resources – such as the sun, wind, water, biomass and others – that allow the use of renewable energies,” said Guilherme Collares Pereira, director of International Relations at EDP.

The project in the district of Namacurra is one of six, in Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Malawi, that will be receiving help from EDP.

The potential is excessive: renewable energy technology is getting better, more efficient and more flexible. There is also an abundance of mechanisms and even financing from countries and the international community to support these projects. Everything is in place for its growth and it is vital that the private sector enters this market.

Source : africanreview.com
Posted On: 7/1/2019 12:00:00 AM

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